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Think about this. Right now, your idea customer is looking for the services you offer but are you anywhere to be found? Are you visible in the organic search results or on the map listing? Without SEO your Pasadena business fails to exist, at least online where 78% of people go to find your business.


My first-class SEO team in Pasadena can help you gain visibility by getting you listed in the organic and map results, In fact we guarantee it. We have spent time learning what works and 10,000 things that don't to eliminate the guess work. Now that we have cracked the code, tested and refined it dozen of times and know its 97% fail proof we are confident. But are you? Probably not! This is why we do what other SEO services in Pasadena don't have the guts to, if we don’t deliver your business results within 12 months or less by doubling your dollars then you don’t owe us another dime cent until we do.

We know it sounds strange, you have probably looked at dozens of other website offering search engine optimization without recourse but here is what we believe. 


In order to start a business takes a lot of guts, people say that its like jumping out of an airplane. Well, consider us your parachute that wont allow you to crash. The number one reason business fail is lack of capital but when you get to the root of the problem capital comes from leads. By giving you leads we allow you to soar. 

Since we know that our strategy works, why not offer you a little reassurance. The nightmares that you have faced with other SEO firms in Pasadena won’t happen with us. We know that their is a really good chance you have likely tried SEO in the past. Many of our clients have lost thousands of dollars as they saw little to no improvement. Well, its not that search engine optimization doesn't work- how did you find us? It's just that 80% of the SEO firms in Pasadena we compete against have no idea what it takes to get a website ranked on first page. They have no idea how to grow a successful business because they have never done it. We aren’t saying there isn’t more than one way to skin a cat but what we are saying is the formula we have created is fail proof.

Here is just a sampling of the packages that we have to offer:

Our SEO Packages For Pasadena Small Business Owners

We offer thee unique pages to fit your budget, goals, and needs. Each of our SEO packages come with a free optimized website, month to month services and a monthly report where we will sit down over Zoom to show you data and discuss what’s working and what needs to be fixed in order to take you higher. Most of our client see a 20% increase in their website ranking withing 90 days and begin receiving leads within 4 to 6 months.



Beginners SEO Package:


  • A 15-page website with service and city pages

  • Web hosting

  • Keyword Research

  • Monthly blog

  • Citations

  • Optimized Google my business listing



SEO Growth Package:


  • A 25-page optimized website that includes service and city pages

  • SEO Copywriting Services

  • Website hosting

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Bi-monthly blog

  • Citations & High Value Backlinks

  • Bimonthly Google My Business Postings

  • Call tracking and recording

  • Review & Reputation Monitoring and Management

  • Monthly newsletter to existing clients


SEO Scale Package:


  • A 25-page optimized website with service and city pages

  • SEO Copywriting Services

  • Website hosting

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Weekly blog

  • Citations & High Value Backlinks

  • Weekly GMB Postings

  • Call tracking and recording

  • Review Automation

  • Google Guarantee Services

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Lead Capturing Magnet

  • social media posting

  • email marketing

  • lead letter campaign.


Get a Stranglehold On Your Competition With Local SEO In Pasadena

With our local SEO services in Pasadena, we will ensure your website and GMB listing are optimized. We will make sure that all of your current citations have the correct NAP information listed (name, address, and phone number) and then we will take it one step further. We know your listing is essential so  to ensure that you get as many leads as possible we post fresh content and photos on a regular basis depending on what tier of package you selected. In addition, our automated review tools will make sure that you consistently capture the testimonials or reviews that you need from each of your customer. In today’s technology driven world reviews are looked at the way word of mouth referrals were before the dawn of the internet. Both are crucial to succeeding. 

What The Three Top Companies On Google All Have In Common?


  • An abundance of four- and five-star reviews with a completed profile

  • Hundreds of citations listing their name, address, and phone number

  • A solid backlink strategy to acquire high quality backlinks

  • Relevant and fresh content

  • Consistency, a website is never a finished project.

Why Aren't You Getting Leads? 3 Secrets (SHHH)
Other SEO Firms In Pasadena Won’t Tell You!

Every industry has its secrets. I am going to let you in on some insider information about the marketing industry that you will not hear anywhere else.


It is not uncommon to hear small business owners deem search engine optimization a complete waste of time and money. These days you can pretty much throw a stick in the air, and it will land on someone who has been ripped off by a SEO firm. There are three primary reasons why- run of the mill – business as usual- SEO agencies in Pasadena fail to get your business tangible results.


Secret # 1 Failing To Capture Attention


Let me ask:


Would you rather have dozens of visitors to your website who never take actions (call, email, or complete a form on your website) or dozens of customers who come to your website, stop, listen, and respond?

While that may sound like a no brainer take a look online at your competitors websites. They may have different names, photos, and videos but the message sounds the same.


  • Your solution is just one call away


  • The Most Dependable and Affordable Local ( fill in the blank)


  • We offer complete ________ services and solutions for your specific situation. 


When the same message is repeated over and over again like a broken record, who does the customer know to contact? The person searching for the services you offer already assume you have a solution. What the customer really wants to know is what makes your business different then all the other businesses in town?  


what makes your company the most dependable...?


How long have you been in business, what are your credentials, are you listed with the BBB, do you offer any way to remove the risk of working with you in the form of a guarantee?


Do you have reviews from customers? What does other people say about you? Does your business offer prospects local references they can call?

Saying your dependable without telling people why you are dependable is as useless as a glass hammer.

The reason most websites do not convert is the person doing your SEO in Pasadena, has text book experience but Google changes their algorithms 600 times a year so text book knowledge wont take anyone far when it comes to digital marketing. The people who really know their stuff generally owns a business and doesn't offer up their services and this is where we are unique.  I learned SEO as a business owner, my business is still flourishing today and in the hands of my competent team this allowed me freedom. I have chosen to use this freedom to help other businesses teach and even surpass the level of success I have been able to maintain for the past 2 decades. 


If you are working with a SEO agency in Pasadena how much time have they taken to get to know you, your business, your ideal customers, and your staff? 

Without a working relationship, these "gurus" may as well throw darts in the dark. While they are hoping for a bulls eye, they will miss by a mile and your business suffers.


Most SEO agencies are not in business for your success, but for their own. Until this is reversed, they are going to struggle to deliver any value and you’re going to struggle to get results. Google holds content is high esteem but a message needs to be written for your customers. Unless the visitors that come to your website is motivated to contact you then ranking are pointless. Ranking only count if they put dollars in your pocket and checks in your hands.  With that said a customer wants to know whom can I trust, who will do a good job, who has the best solution to my problem. Google wants to know:

Keywords: In order to know how to rank your site they need to monitor what searches type into the search bar to find you. Just because your website is ranked on front page doesn’t mean it will capture visitors, people actually have to be looking for those keywords.


Have you ever seen those ads on social media - Instantly get your website ranked for 30 keywords for the low- low price of just $ X - Now you know why!

  • Where are those keywords located?

  • Are they sprinkled or saturated across the page?

  • How many words per page are needed to get into the top-ranking position?

  • Could you receive higher ranking if you used another word? 



Chances are if you were to ask the SEO agency in Pasadena for a full report of all the keywords you currently rank for and the ones you should and put those list side by side you will start to get a clearer picture of why most people don’t believe in search engine optimization.


​Engaging: This can be writing about what separates you from the competition, sharing a story about your business, or a video that shows you working out in the field. Whatever you write needs to be more then what you do but where, when, how, and why. 


Without being a subject matter expert who know the ins and outs about your business this isn't possible.  


Let me ask: How well does the person in charge of your SEO know about your business? How often do you speak to them (complaints don’t count) Do they know the name of your employees? Or how long you that right hand man has stood beside you? Do they know your goals? or anything about you? where you attended school, what your family is like, what your interest are?


I know your probably scratching your hand as to what this has to do with your SEO results....A lot! People don’t buy what you are selling, they buy from people they like, know, and trust.


Considering the person who is in charge of your SEO your Pasadena salesman. Does this make you feel confident or frightened?

A true SEO specialist doesn't just drive you to the front page of Google they predisposition your customers to do business with you!


We just scratched the surface of what on page optimization looks like but this is only about 30% of your overall strategy. The other 70% of search engine optimization comes from backlinks or inbound links.

# 2 Failure To Get Quality Backlinks

​There are a few ways to acquire backlinks and several ways that you should not. If you do not obtain the right type of backlinks this can cause your entire SEO strategy to crash and burn. Just ask anyone who lost their ranking after a Google update like penguin or panda.  

When you write fresh, relevant, and engaging content on a consistent basis people start to read and trust the information you share. Once you have people sharing your content on their website this creates a backlink and another resource for getting leads. Other ways to obtain backlinks is the associations you belong to, the nonprofits you support, and the other business owners you meet.


Secret # 3 Technical Trouble


While people are often familiar with on page and off page SEO, the most overlooked aspect is technical SEO and without it your website will suffer. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo need access to your pages and if they can’t locate your page, they can’t rank it. Some of the key elements that make up technical SEO are

  • Robots.txt disallow

  • Meta tags (no index)

  • Error status codes (non 200 status)

  • Incorrect canonical tags

  • Non-indexable content

  • No links to a page

  • Broken links and 404 pages

  • Website security

  • Load speed

  • URL structures

  • Duplicate content


​While this may sound like a foreign language, thankfully we speak it fluently so to translate it into simple layman terms, technical SEO can make or break the entire SEO strategy for your Pasadena business.


These days in order for your company to succeed especially if you are in a cutthroat industry is to make sure you don't miss one aspect of these three components as to overlook the smallest of details could be the difference of your business getting 100 phone calls a day or hearing crickets.


Do the hard work or invest in an agency that will allow you to reap the results!

In fact, if you just read this entire message and only implemented these strategies, you would do better than many of the run of the mill SEO agencies in Pasadena taking your money. 

SEO: Why it’s vital in 2022 and Beyond?

  • 71% of all clicks come from organic results (i.e., SEO)

  • 65% of all clicks are to the top 5 organic listings

  • Pay per click and social media ads are rising


With these facts, it’s easy to see why search engine optimization is still relevant! If you have the budget for paid ads, then add a few, However, the highest converting and most predictable leads will come from SEO. This is because instead of paying each time a person clicks rather or not they become a lead with search engine optimization you pay a monthly fee to get as many leads as you can handle. 

Here’s another simple example. Hypothetically, if you are a homeowner who was having issues with roofing, when you search Google for "roofer near me" you’re likely going to go down to the organic results. Only about 14% of all searchers choose the paid ads. Most of us, are going to look for companies that rank organically. Consumers view these results as being more credible and trustworthy. So if you’re going to bet all your marketing dollars on just one tool, make sure its SEO for your Pasadena business in 2022.

Get Our Free SEO Pasadena Report For Your Website 

valued at $250.00

Receive a free SEO website report that is 100% customized to your business. Our SEO report contains:


  •  A keyword ranking report to show you where you’re ranking and MKW to get onto front page.

  • A list of the key players who are in your local area and how your website compares to theirs in terms on content and backlinks. There is only room for one on top of Google, that should be yours right? 

  • Health score: A list of technical errors that needs to be corrected on your website in order to get your website on the map.


Take the next step towards your success by clicking on the button below and then completing the form on our contact page. Once we receive your information we will get started right away. Generally it takes us 24 to 48 business hours to generate your personalized report. Once your report is complete we will contact you at the number you provided to walk you through this extensive 6 page report before emailing you a copy. This offer is only for a limited time so don't delay!  

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There are 5 cities in America with the name Pasadena, they are located in California, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, and Texas. California is the largest by population with over 140,000 people. While we started in Pasadena TX we are happy to serve all business owners in the “Key of the Valley” most of our SEO Pasadena clients are in California and Texas.