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When it comes to SEO many people think that if they can just get people to their website all their problems will be magically solved but the truth is not unless you couple SEO with copywriting services. Walk with me a moment and let me explain….

 Most SEO firms in Sugar Land employ content writers, a content writer is responsible for all the content that is on your website rather its planning, writing, or editing. Some of them write amazingly well if they know your industry. However, I encourage you to visit a handful of your competitors and READ their website. It sounds like a broken record that plays the same old song and dance and this makes your visitors *yawn! Its rather boring and does very little to motivate your visitor to pick up the phone. It does very little to make you stand ahead of the pack in your service area. Without a way to make visitors stop, look, and listen your SEO is going to deliver subpar results.

Let me ask you a question, would you say we live in a self-centered, self-absorbed, me centered world?

I tend to think we do, and I am willing to wager based on the proof we have seen with our SEO copy writing services that if you will talk to instead of at your visitors that instead of them hitting the back button they respond back.

Content writers add words to your website about YOU, your business, your services, your accolades, your…well you get the point and since there aren’t many differences between you and Joe Blow whose website is either above or below your in the search results who does the visitor know to call, email, or contact? They don’t!


Here is the research, the average website converts at just 5% so you can do everything right, get your website to climb to first page, land hundreds of viewers and you end up loosing 95% of your visitors-


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Let me share a family secret.

 My bonus Dad is a seven-figure pest and lawn guy who happens to be Dan Kennedy biggest fan. He told me for years to read his books, absorb his materials and implement these principles that colleges all across America teach are outdated, so who do you think I listened to? Not Dad, silly me. Until I hit a bump in the road with my business and again, he prodded me “send the letter” with everything to gain and nothing to lose but the cost of a stamp, envelope, and printer paper I got busy.

I sent out 250 letters for the total sum of $250.00 and the return on my investment $10, 832.43! No joke it was the largest ROI I have ever received and better, yet it happened literally overnight. Well 5 days because the letters have to go through first class mail and then get opened.

Now I know what your thinking, this worked for you, but it can’t possible work for me?


Its works in every industry and better yet on every website.

The only issue is letters take days and, on a website, you must couple SEO with copy writing in order to get viewers to your site and this will take months. Letters are a short term game, SEO copywriting is a long term game but when coupled together you have a system that is unstoppable. Not even COVID could crush it! 


Let’s back up a little and explain…


What Is Copywriting?


Copywriting is a form of story, where, instead of ending your story with a sales pitch you wrap it up in such a way that the reader takes the desired action you want them to. However, I take this far further then most. I bundle SEO, copywriting services, and direct response marketing.

SEO Copywriting Services To Crush Your Competition.

If you are old enough you may remember that back in the 1980’s there were record, tapes, and cd clubs that you could join for a penny, it was like the old school version of Spotify. These advertisement came in the mail or inside of magazines and would give you the chance to own the latest music for just a penny. Then they would automatically bill you every month when you received new music. Their ad was so successful because it had a way for you to respond immediately and was an incredible deal, everyone can afford a penny. There was also no hassle to cancel so you could spend a penny, get the latest music, and cancel your subscription. This is called direct response marketing.


Now here is an example of direct response coupled with copywriting.


Recently I saw a television commercial with a guy telling his story about a pillow that he had invented. In his commercial he talks about all the benefits of using his special designed pillow, which is a “unique selling proposition.” He offers something that cannot be found anywhere but with him through you can buy a pillow, but his pillow has been scientifically tested and specifically designed to give me a better night’s sleep. He has delivered a story that identified with a specific group of people who wake up with neck pain and can’t sleep because the pain is so intense. While his pillow isn’t for me for there must be thousands who relate to his story, or he couldn’t air this commercial over and over again. For those who can relate to his story, they feel compelled to try it out and at the end of the commercial he invokes response to call an 800 number to order this one-of-a-kind pillow.

Direct response marketing and copywriting are a lot different than traditional marketing, and because its different, the average business owner will shy away from it. On the surface it looks silly, too flashy, or “unprofessional” But here’s the thing, if you do it correctly.




This is the only thing that matters. Does the message your sending make people want to give you, their business?

If you read most websites they sound vanilla, cold and impersonal. They speak to the masses because content writers are under the impression that if you speak to everyone and leave no one out your business will grow but actually it turns people off to the tune of 95%.

95% of people who found your website and clicked on it take ZERO action so don’t you think its time that you flip the script?


The Secret To Maximize Your Sales …


One of the key elements to SEO is content while you need enough content, citations, and inbound links to drive you up the top of page one once you get there you need a message that resonates with your idea customer. This is where SEO copywriting services works so well…. it gives your website visitors a reason to call you rather than your competition.

Listen…people are becoming more and more savvy with their purchasing habits in part because of digital marketing. Before every home contained instant access to the entire world by entering a few words into Google search bar, it was harder to find stores and services. Word of mouth was one of the primary tools businesses used to grow a business but today it’ll barley keep you afloat. Then websites came out and only the elite businesses owned a website so there wasn't much competition. Today that’s not the case and unless you have a website that is optimized  so that your customers can type it into the search bar and find it and that is well written and designed, you’re not going to make it.


Here is the harsh truth over 50% of business close their doors within 5 years. The difference…marketing and sales. This is where we excel and our biggest weapon…SEO, copywriting writing services, and direct response marketing.


Breaking Down SEO COPY


 If you couple a successful SEO campaign with copywriting services and add the elements of direct response marketing, you will have a system that sales better than sex!

#1: A compelling message:  Unlike most websites our websites communicate a message in the first person. It’s as if I have hopped out of the computer and joined you at your desk for a cup of coffee.

Communicating in the first person is powerful because it gives prospects the sense that they are going to be dealing with an actual person rather than a corporation.

Marketing messages that communicate in the third person are weak and impersonal. People don’t do business with businesses, they do business with people they like, know, and trust.

Which sounds better:

“When Hotshots company comes to do a job, they do it right!”


“As the owner of Hotshots, I personally guarantee that when my technicians come to do a job, it’ll be done right.”

In the third-party example, the potential customer is reading an opinion of someone who they do not know. They can only assume the company is talking about itself. There is nothing that backs up the statement unless it is in the form of a customer’s review. (more about that later)

# 2 SEO Copywriting has a USP: What people really want to know when they visit your website is “Why should I buy your service rather than your competition” Without a USP, you are nothing more than a commodity in the minds of your prospects. They look at you and they look at your competition and it’s like comparing apples to apples.


Be a Banana!

When don’t they see any difference then guess how they decide which company to use? The cheapest one in Sugar Land, this is a very bad position to be in.

You might ask “But there are dozens of companies in my area that offer my services, how can I make my business unique from all the rest” Friend, this is only limited by your imagination.

 # 3 Added Value: A guarantee. At the end of the day no matter how much you smile and sweet talk your future customer, there is really only one thing they want, and that’s a guarantee they they’ll get something out of using your service.

# 4 Reduces Risk: Everybody today has been inundated with offers, products, and services. Some of them are what they claim to be, and some are not.

# 5: Testimonials: This motivates people to buy in a couple of different ways. One-way testimonials are a motivator is people want to do what everyone else is doing. They don’t want to ‘go it alone. Offering reviews in your marketing is spoon feeding your potential customers positive reasons to use your services.  

# 6 Free offer. There are a few reason direct response marketing uses free or minimal cost offer, The first reason is as enticement to respond. Whatever the free offer is, it must be something with perceived value to motivate the customer to start moving towards a purchasing decision.


Our SEO copywriting clients will tell you their website went from 5% conversion rate to a 35% conversion rate so if you are ready to turn your website into a lead mean sales machine schedule your free discovery call now.

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