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Dear Business Builder,


How would it feel to know that you had someone in your corner to deliver high volume leads to your business month after month? 


How would it feel to know that if your marketing agency failed to deliver you leads you had a way to protect your money?


Peace of mind! 

This is what our local SEO team in Katy wants to provide the clients who hire us. While most SEO firms like to talk the talk we would rather reassure you that we can walk the walk. Now as a Google partner we are forbidden to guarantee you first place ranking, instead we do something that's better and absolutely acceptable ( we asked first) 


If we fail to deliver results (highly unlikely) within 12 months or less, you do not pay us another dime until we do. The results are ROI driven, we double your investment. For every dollar you spend on local SEO we give you $2.00 back. 


We know this sounds strange and perplexing because what sane business owner could refuse such a bold offer! But really its simple...


We know we will succeed in sending you an influx of traffic that will easily converted into a lead using SEO copywriting services. Unlike most other websites you will visit we don't write for Google, we write for our readers. This makes your readers stay on your page and its predispositions then to do business with you, turning your leads into a pretty for sure sale. 

Since I am confident in my teams abilities to deliver results the better question is, why would we not remove the risk?

As a consumer most of the businesses we use have some type of guarantee.

  • The plumber who promises to be on time

  • The law firm who works on a contiguous basis

  • The hotel that says we will be satisfied with our overnight accommodations. 

Doesn't your business deserve the same type of recourse and reassurance from your local SEO service in Katy? We think so but instead here is what you face: 

  • Year long contacts that are unnecessary? 

  • Mediocre results

  • Unresponsive, non transparent marketers

They say that we should be the change which we wish to see and we took that to heart, if you are searching for a local SEO firm in Katy that will end the pain and frustration of wondering where your next client is coming from, then click the button below to schedule a free lead flow assessment. 

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What Is Local SEO? Why Your Katy Business Needs It!

Before we explain what, local SEO is, lets look at what global search engine optimization is. If you head over to Google and type into their keyboard “pest control licensing” you will get the top results from around the United States or even from around the globe, but this isn’t much help if you’re not willing to travel to take the exam. Now if you were to just add the word “Katy” you are going to pull up only the best local results.


The way most people do local SEO in Katy is to enter in your city, state, or zip code to help drive traffic to your website but that only solve a quarter of the problem. They may add a Google map to a page or the footer of your website and these things do help but they won’t put you onto Google front page quickly and being on second page stinks. In fact there is a joke in our industry “the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google” and its funny because its true. How many times do you scroll through all 10 listing on your cell phone or laptop to get to 2nd page? Seldom! And most of your clients don't either. 

In a study done by Chika in 2010 they determined that 92% of searches remain on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERP) so let me ask, can your customers find you?


This same study also revealed that 32% of traffic goes to the top listing in organic and only 2% go to #9 and #10 on the first page. Placement is vital and this is why you need an aggressive local team with an SEO strategy in Katy that is second to none. How else can you expect to outdo your competition? At YBB  we are just that team! Here is a sneak peak into what you can expect from us.

Citation and Local SEO That Puts You On Katy Maps


When you work with Your Business Bakery (YBB Digital) we start by learning more about your business, locations, services, and hours of operation. These are the main key elements that citations consist of. A citation that points towards you website or your industry, in our industry we use the acronym NAP. If you go to Google search results for doctors in Katy Texas, you will notice how Google provides you a lists of those doctors along with their contact information. This is how a citation works. One of the biggest issues is if one or two citations are wrong it can destroy your entire online strategy. Google has bots or spiders which every 4 days to 4 weeks crawl through the pages of all websites to collect data. You will want your business listed on websites like Better Business Bureau, Dunn and Bradstreet, and your local Chambers of Commerce. The more citations that point towards your website contact the correct NAP information the more credible your business becomes in the eyes of Google/ The more credibility you have, the higher you will rank in the search engine results pages. 

However, this is just a portion of our strategy, appearing in the map portion of Google is the lifeblood of  local SEO for your Katy business. As you may have noticed when using Google there are three if not four sections to a front page. At the very top are Google screening or Google Guarantee listing. Next comes Google Ad's this is pay-per-click followed by a map section. This section has listings that are to the left of a map and include all of your business contact information. When a searcher wants to know what other people have to say about your business they can read reviews, if they want to visit your website they can click on the link or of they want to call or visit the listing contains your address and phone number. Google My Business is free but most business owners don't capitalize on all the opportunities that their profile can provide. In fact, most local SEO services in Katy don't either. Here is what we often see when we start working with a client: 

  • Incomplete profiles

  • Negative reviews

  • Unresponsiveness

As a part of our local SEO services we provide review monitoring as a standard feature because we know how important this is to acquiring traffic. Our team will set up your profile, help you gather reviews from your customers and keep your map listing freshly updated with photos, posting and answer your reviews in a timely fashion. Next we add those reviews onto your website. We also add your NAP information to hundreds of prominent online directories. By doing this we increase your foot traffic and phone calls and remove this time consuming chore off your plate freeing up your time to do more important task, like taking care of your clients. 

The next portion of our local SEO services includes getting you business listed in the organic search results. While this is the last listing on page one its perceived to be the most valuable. Years ago before SEO specialist came onto the scene the best businesses held these prominent places. Today it requires having the best local SEO in Katy for you to make it onto the front page of Google. the strategy we use contains: on page, off page, and technical SEO. 

Now you may be wondering do I really need to do all this. The short answer is yes, if you want the rewards of being the go to business in Katy. It still amazes me how many businesses are operating a business without a website. However, for those who don't invest in digital marketing what they have but is not a business but a glorified J.O.B. that robs them of their financial freedom. The one thing all markets can agree to is you need to be where your customers are, online. But before you decide here are some stats you should be aware of:

  • 38% of visitors will hit the back button if your site interacts poorly.

  • 48% of people judge a usness based off hoe their website looks.

  • 52% of Google searches are for local businesses

If this doesn’t convince you to invest in local SEO for your Katy businesses, bless your heart!

Here's What Our Clients Say About Our SEO Firm

A Well-Rounded Local SEO Strategy To Explode Your Online Visibility In Katy

I’ve worked with other digital marketing agencies over the past three years, I was just about ready to give us when I met Melissa and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve grown from one truck and a 2-man crew to 8 employees and 4 trucks within 18 months. I can’t recommend this team enough.

Dave- EvenFlow Services

A Well-Rounded Local SEO Strategy To
EXPLODE Your Leads In Katy

The first step to a well-rounded strategy starts with an optimized website, Not all websites are deigned equally. Having studied thousands of websites we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Included in our website are

  • Mobile Friendly: Our sites can be viewed on all platforms from mobile to desktop and tablets.

  • Architecture: We make it easy for your visitors and Googles spider to navigate to find the information they need from you.

  • Advanced coding: Our web designers use the best program practices including HTML, JSON-LD and CSS.

  • Superior Speed: Visitors decide within 10 seconds if they should stay or hit the back button, every second of speed counts towards your bounce rate.

Once we release your website, our team gets busy adding citations and inbound links that will make you visible wherever people look for your services, finding your business is the key to success. 

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The Most Incredible Gift To Maximize Your Local SEO Efforts in Katy

We realize trying to choose a local SEO service in Katy can be a hair-raising experience. What if you hire the wrong team? What if it doesn’t work? While you are great at what you do, all of this marketing lingo makes your head want to spin. The best way we could think of to arm you with the information you need to make the logical choice for which SEO firm in Katy to hire is by offering you a free gift.

(Most other firms charge $488.00)


Here is what we will provide:

  • Free customized keyword list: We will show you the "money" word searchers are using to find your services and where you site is ranking for those words. 

  • Free website audit: We will show you a behind the scenes look at why your website is not ranking high in the SERP'S or where you have room for improvement

  • Free business blueprint: This is a customized plan that will tell you the steps you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be in terms of sales and revenue. 

  • Content overview: We will make suggestions as to the content on your website. We may recommend adding pages, adding high content, a blog, etc. 


There s only one catch, this is a limited offer! Once we take on a client we offer our clients exclusivity. This means we won’t sign up your competition, we don't sale keyword groups where a client receive X amount of keywords. We rank you for all keywords, if you are ready to get to the top of Google and become the go-to business, click the button below and schedule your free call today.

Free Lead Accleration Call

Marketing Resources For Katy Business Owners 

Katy TX is a thriving suburb just outside of Houston that covers three counties including Harris, Fort Bend and Waller County. Katy offers outstanding schools, family friendly activities including baseball fields and parks like Mary Jo Peckham as well as local restaurants, shopping, and nightlife that continues to add new businesses which allows people to avoid driving into the city to find whatever services or proficient they are looking for making Katy one of the fastest growing cities. Katy is also just a few miles from Cinco Ranch, that is home to over 16,000 people. The average income for Katy is $110,000 which is above average for our state and still remains one of the lowest cities for crime, being within the 75th percentile of safest places to live in the United States.