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Google Guarantee To Put You On Top!

For those looking to get your website to the front of the line quickly then Google local service ads is like putting your website in the HOV lane. Depending on the service you provide there is either Google Local Service Ads or Google Screen Ads. But what are they, and how can your business take advantage of them? Our Sugar Land SEO firm helps our clients navigate the process and provides a seamless transition into Google program

What Is Google Screening Ads

Are you practicing law, running a daycare, or are you in real estate agent then one of the latest tools to allow you to quickly advertise your business it Google screening. In order to qualify you must be vetted by Google, have a minimum three-star rating, and submit to a background check through Pinkerton. Once your business checks all of these boxes which can take up to three weeks you will then receive a Google badge. Google screening currently has a 13% click through rate which can spike your ROI.

For our clients who qualify for Google screening we can work with you to ensure everything is monitored on a continuous basis as Google requires you to respond in a timely manner to all request you receive. If you are not responsive and do not remain above their 3.5 review status, then your ads will be turned off.

Google Guarantee Local Service Ads

Much like Google screening if you are a service contractor such as plumbing and HVAC, pest control, or home service contractor then with Google local service ads you receive leads much like you do with a pay per click campaign or Home Advisor except these leads come from Google. If you are backed by Google, and your customer that came through your local service ad is not satisfied with your work, Google guarantee will offer to reimburse your customer up to the amount they paid for your services. The average price most of our current clients pay to use this service is between $23-$25.

How Does Google Guarantee Ads Work?

If you were to type into the search bar for a service provider you will see that on the front page is 4 areas with Google guarantee ads at the top above pay-per-click, the map section, and organic listings. When someone clicks on the ad, they know its from a local service provider and they can either pick up the phone and call you or send a message. When they send a message Google will notify you that you have a new lead. If you do not have a system in place to respond to ads quickly your ad ranking can be affected or even dropped. Our role is to help you get your ad set up and responded to which will enhance the amount of leads Google sends you

How Google Guarantee Ranks You Amongst The Competition?

There are several factors that Google uses to determine how many leads they send you verses how many leads they send to your competition.

Reviews: How many five-star reviews you have, one of the services we provide our customers is review management services. This allows you to send a quick automated text or email to each customer to collect your reviews and then we show you how to respond accordingly. The company with the most four and five reviews is sent more leads.

Hours of Operations: Let’s say you are a roofer who offers 24-7 service, and a competitor operates during normal business hours. If a customer is looking for roofer at 2:00 am your ad would be the ad that would appear.

Proximity: the closer you are to the searcher the better chance you have to receive a Google guarantee lead.

Responsiveness: Are you responding to the lead that you are sent and how long does it take for you to respond to the potential customer.

Complaints: Since Google Guarantee backs you with their own money if they are receiving repeated complaints your ads will be stopped.

Ads spend: Google attempts to spread your leads over the month rather then all at once to prevent you from spending all of your budget too quickly. If your ad is generating leads to quickly you may pause your ad, or they may pause it momentarily to disburse the leads more evenly.

Are you ready to put Google Guarantee to work for you? 

If you are a current client but not sure where to start contact your growth strategy partner to speed up the process.

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