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There are many different marketing tools a business can use to grow and scale but the largest return on your invest is email marketing. However, many marketers and small businesses still do not utilize it. The key to growing a successful business comes down to not only getting leads and sales but retaining customers. Once you provide your customer with excellent service it would seem they would just magically appear the next time they need your services again, right? Wrong! Your customer is being inundated with messages all day by your competition. If you do not stay fresh in their mind it won’t be long before they forget how wonderful your business is and take their business elsewhere. It takes less effort and time to resale a previous customer then it does to look for a new customer. This is why working with a skilled email marketing email marketing company in Houston comes in handy. Without it there is a really good chances that you are losing out on sales and don’t even know it.


Here is how we can help our clients put e blast to work for you.


  • Copywriting creation

  • E blast automation

  • Grow Sales

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Market new services

  • Reach your idea clients

  • Measure & Report Click Through Rate

Tap Into The Power Of Email Marketing For Your Houston Business

  • Emails generate a 4200% ROI- for every dollar you spend, you receive a $42.00 (Forbes)


  • According to Statista there are 4 billion daily email users and an anticipated. This means your clients check their email!


  • 79% of business who use E blast say its “important” or “very important” to their businesses. Only 26% reported its ineffective.


  • 74% of baby boomers prefer to use emails to hear about your promotions and new products or services over all other platforms including text.


Why is email marketing so highly effective? It forces the recipient to take some type of action. An email is going to sit in their inbox until they either read or delete it. What is the probability of them reading? In all sincerity it depends on the creative subject line that you use this is why you don’t want to leave it to chance. If you put the right creative email marketing company in Houston into place it will be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business.

The Difference Between E Blast & Email Marketing

 There are two ways to send emails to communicate with your visitors and existing clients one is email marketing the other is E-blast but what’s the difference?

Email marketing is sent at a specific time of the month or week generally in the form of a business newsletter. While you may not think you have anything new or exiting to share with existing clients, that’s what hiring a good email service can help you discover.

AN E blast is an irregular emails that are not sent out on a predetermined date. Blast may be during the holidays, or it may be if you’re a not for profit needing immediate donations.


Our team is happy to provide both services, most of the clients we work with are set up with email marketing as a part of their SEO package. 

How To Create An Email List?

The first step to a successful email campaign for your Sugar Land business is to create a list. There are several ways to do this but first let us tell you what not to do. Never buy an email list! For each violation of spam that violates the CAN-SPAM Act you can face stiff penalties of up to $16,000. For this reason, many companies who offer E blast platforms such as Mailchimp prohibit sending emails to unsolicited recipients. Instead, here is what our email marketing company in Houston can do to help our clients harvest emails and build an E blast campaign.  


When we create your website, we build a lead generating magnet.  Most people come to a website to find out information, when you know what drawls visitors to your websites using keyword research you can create a small informative guide packed full of information not sales stuff. When you come across someone who is pushing off their wares you sound slimy and desperate. No one wants to be sold but most everyone wants to be informed. People do business with people they like, know, and trust and when you share information you gain credibility and are preceptive as helpful. Creating a lead magnet checks off all the boxes when done correctly. The next way to harvest emails is to ensure that whoever is answering your phone collects the callers information including email address. If you have a store, ask them to enter in their email to be signed up to a discount club where after so many purchases they receive a free gift. This will allow you to send E blast and show up in their inbox. Depending on your businesses buying cycle it may be best to send a weekly e blast and for others once a month is enough. This is one of the things our knowledgeable team will help you figure out.


Next, we make sure that the content we write includes a few key elements. One of the top key elements is the subject line, reports show that over 69% of emails are reported as spam based solely on what you type into the subject line.


Furthermore, we make sure that we use a responsive templet that your readers can view on any device as this is what we have discovered generates the highest return on investment for our clients. However, it’s shocking to discover that 1 in 5 are not optimized to be read off a mobile device. If your potential client cannot see your email it goes in the trash!


The third key element is a personalized message. E blasts are designed to build personal relationships. If you are building a relationship, you are on a first name basis, you talk to them not at them and you win them over with kindness and courtesy. Businesses who build relationships often end up with lifetime clients. I truly can not stress this enough, with all the messages that are being hurled at your clients you need to stand apart and the best way to stand head and shoulders above the rest of your competition is to be authentic, transparent, and remember that your clients are interested in doing business with YOU not your brand, logo, or slogan.

Put Our  Email Marketing Company In Houston Into Your Lead Machine

Rather you are looking to build a list or want to get started making the most of the email list you have already created, you have come to the right place. At Your Business Bakery we can whip up the best email campaign to deliver hot fresh leads and make sure that your commotion doesn’t get their share of the pie by staying in your existing customers minds. Click the button below to speak with our E blast team in Sugar Land today.

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