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Lead Letters Isn’t New

It’s The Oldest Form Of Marketing In History &

We’re The Team Crazy Enough To Bring Back….

Houston Only Direct Response Marketing Company

Dear Business Builder,

Hello, if you would like a guaranteed way to FINALLY have leads for your business without having to wait months…to see if your ads will work…if your website will rank on page one of Google for valuable keywords…. then this will be the most exciting letter you’ll ever read.

Here is why:

Direct response marketing delivers hot leads with customers who are ready to do business with you in just FIVE days. Once we mail out your lead letters your phone is guaranteed to ring or we issue you a 100% refund. 

But Direct response marketing is old.

It died because Google and Facebook controls everything, right?



While the internet can’t be ignored our direct response marketing gets MORE responses from clients than any other marketing method, including:

  • social media

  • pay -per click

  • email marketing

  • even SEO!


So, if you have been putting all your eggs in the digital basket…

Then listen closely about how to turn a basket into a box to create more freedom, more security, more money practically overnight!

Now I am not talking about sending out those shiny pretty post cards. Here is what we think of those, TRASH!


I can just imagine that homeowners like myself stand over the trash cans sorting through their daily mail and tossing away advertisements. Those advertisements you spent money to send.


 Instead, we have a more predictable way to ensure that when sorting through the mail, your dollars multiply. We call this our lead letter program.  These letters arrive in a standard envelope with a first-class stamp and their name handwritten. Cha-ching$$$

I know it sounds bizarre, no one does it and this is precisely why you should.


Marketers tell you “show up where your customers are." and that’s something we can agree with. Where better to show up then right at their front doorsteps.

Every time your idea client opens their phone or fires up their computer, they are being utterly overwhelmed with ads selling all the latest gadgets, gizmos, services, or products until it all sounds like noise. If you want to grab your clients attention, then you must set your business apart by doing what no one else is. 

The Fastest Business Exploding Secret Unknown To Man…Direct Response Marketing

And this goes against everything you have been told by the other so-called internet marketing “gurus”

  • 90% of our lead letters get opened

  • 39% of people will try a business for the first time after receiving a direct response letter.

  • 62% of people have respond to direct response letter within the past 90 days and made a purchase

  •  70% of people said they felt more valued when a business sent them a letter 

  • Lead letters have a 783% better response rate than emails.

  • Direct Response letters have a whopping 29% return on investment

  • 75% of people remember a business after receiving a letter compared to 24% who see your business brand. 


Yes, lead letters are prehistoric,! They are the only marketing tool that has a proven track record that dates back to the 1950's. Who the hell cares how old this form of marketing is when it creates a steady stream of new clients. 


Don’t misunderstand me, its not either SEO or direct response marketing, its both.


The problem we sought to solve was what do you do when a client needs leads now and can’t afford to wait for their website to reach the front page of Google?

Most agencies will encourage you to try a pay- per-click (PPC) campaign or a social media ad but here in lays the problem.


  • The average cost per click on Google has increased 244% since 2018!

  • The average CPC on social media has increased 171% since 2020!


Those prices will only continue to rise and ask any company selling PPC how long it will take for your ad to work, assuming they are honest, they will tell you three months. In the first 90 days of your Google ads campaign you are paying a marketing company to gather data from your ads and then use this data to improve which keywords and audiences to target, and bid on. What an utter disgusting way to waste money. 

While you wait, our clients are already closing deal and raking in money!

If that doesn't convince you then let us look at the conversion rate, we encourage you to fact check. What you will discover is that only 1 out of 9 clicks actually converts into a lead. Most businesses spend between  $20.00 to $50.00 per click by the time they agency tact's on their fees. Do you know how many leads it take to become a sale? On average you can expect 1 sale from every 5 leads! 


Let’s do the math + $%

If a click cost $20.00 (on the low end) and you need 10 clicks to get a lead your spending $ 200.00 per lead. Now a lead isn't a sale and the how many leads does it take to put money in your pocket? If you are an average salesperson then the average close rate is 20%. This means it takes 5 leads to become a sale. How much does a sale cost? $1000.00!  Holy Guacamole  Now you see why on the list from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics why overblowing your marketing budget is listing on the top 5 reasons why business fail. 

And social media is ever worst!!!

This is why we are a firm believer in search engine optimization and direct response marketing!

The only issue with search engine optimization is even with the right team in place it’s a long-term strategy. Depending on the services you offer and your competition it can take up to 6 months or longer for home service companies to generate leads and for law firm, Doctor, or Dentist you can expect a wait time of a year. Do you have the time and budget to wait and see results? We think not! 


Instead at Your Business Bakery we serve steak while you wait.

Direct Response Marketing A Simple Solution That Delivers Lighting Speed Results

Growing a business is hard. Your Business Bakery makes it a whole lot easier, quicker, and more predictable by offering effective lead letters with rapidly results.


The reason it works so effectively is because there is no guess work, all direct response marketing has the same key elements that have worked for centuries.

Once you become a lead letter client we work with you to create a customized list to target your idea locations and customers. Then we write a letter containing key elements that have been proven successful in almost every vertical. Before the letter is sent we make sure it meets your approval and then place the letter inside of a hand written envelope and send it off with a first class stamp. We base the amount of letters we send out according to how many leads you want and your budget. Our smallest package starts at just 250 letters so you can experience the power of what direct response marketing can do for your business, the more letters you send the higher the response rate. 

Once your lead letters campaign has kicked off we get busy optimizing your website. This is not an either or but a joint effort so that both direct response marketing and SEO work in unison. Once your website is ranking for your money keywords and leads are pouring in, we crank it up even further with social media retargeting to ensure that no matter where your potential customers turn they see your business. It’s the most ruthless marketing strategy on planet earth. In fact, we are so certain of the results that we do what no other SEO firm in Sugar Land has the guts to. We put our money where our mouth is with a rock solid 100% guarantee! If we do not double your marketing investment within 12 months or less, we work for free.


If you have made it this far down the page then welcome to the YBB Family!


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