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Do You Feel Defeated?
Growing A Business Is Hard

Marketing A Business Is Even Harder

Do You Wish You Knew

What Worked & Didn't Work

A Digital Marketing Consultant In Sugar Land With The Solution To Grow Your Business

Hello, I am Melissa Emerson, and I am a digital marketing consultant serving Sugar Land and the head of growth for Your Business Bakery now YBB Digital Marketing. Now let me issue you a disclaimer: I am not certified so if you want someone who has fancy diploma to tell you how to achieve digital marketing I don't want to waste your time. Now if you want someone with experience you have come to the right place. I have been in business for over 20 years and grown two wildly successful businesses in spite of chaotic events such as 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, and the COVID crisis and I did all of this with a sixth-grade education. Now I don’t say this to toot my own horn but to share my own experience, strength and hopes that if I can make it in this crazy digital landscape, you can too. 

Would you agree that the bottom line in business comes down to getting new customers and retaining the ones you have; this requires a strategy. If you were to be given an address 100 miles away with no map or GPS, would you make it? Well you may but you would probably face a lot of roadblocks and detour along the way . This is where a digital marketing consultant in Sugar Land can be useful. Its all about using a proven formula that will take you the quickest route from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to go). There are three things that I and 90 % of all other successful business owners have in common.

Strong will- When I was young, they wrote a book about kids like me called the “strong willed child” by Dr. James Dobson. I hate to break it to you but there are no get rich quick schemes, purple pill, or magic bullet. It takes serious guts, determination, and a strong work ethic.  Now that’s something I assume you have a lot of or why else would you have come this far so give yourself a huge pat on the back.


 Marketing: However here is where most people struggle. If you look at the top reason why most businesses collapse, it’s from lack of capital. Where does capital come from? SALES! How do you get sales? Customers!  However before you can make a sale you need LEAD and lots of them because not all leads are going to turn into cash.  Most digital marketing consultants in Sugar Land will try to convince you that you need a strong brand so you blow your marketing budget (#5 reasons among business failure) on following their formula and waste thousands of dollars on branding campaigns to get your business name out there so that enough people will see it. See branding agencies love to sale this garbage because they can not be held personal responsible if it fails and people who don't understand digital marketing have no idea there is another way.  Here is what happens, once your name is publicize...Nothing! Oh, you may get a few leads that trickle in but its the longest route towards seven figures and the reason only 9% of businesses ever achieve the status I have. Branding comes after you reach the million mile marker and not a moment before! Your main goal should be revenue. 


Mentor- Coach- Consultant: Many people starting a business do so after spending several years excelling at a job, but operations is only a portion of the battle. Now you may be the most skilled person at your craft but if you don’t know how to run a business efficiently then you will have to rely on trial and error or a digital marketing consultant in Sugar Land. The purpose of working with a consultant is to work with someone who has already had the experience of  swimming in shark infested waters ( the internet) and can help you achieve success. However ask any of these other digital marketing consultants if they have been in the trenches and built a business outside of their agency and you will hear crickets. I know my competition, how else does any business beat the competition unless they know who their opponent is?


2 Types Of Digital Marketing Consultant Clients 

The clients we work with fall into one of two categories and as you can tell, I am not everyone cup of tea. If you cant handle the truth, adult language, and are closed minded and unwilling to change then I simply cant help you! However if you want someone who will train your team and hold them accountable or you want to know if what your current agency is doing is really the right thing then you have come to the right place. 

I get it! 


It can be so confusing with words like PPC, SEO, SEM, all these words are as foreign as UFO's and most marketers don't take the time to explain what their doing, Instead trusting people are getting ripped off because they have no idea where their money is being spent or if its time to abort the ship and try something different because most business owners have no clue what their ROI is and how much money they are spending to acquire a customer? If this is you, its time to hire a digital marketing consultant in Sugar land quickly! 


The second thing I offer my clients is digital marketing training. In fact the sole reason Your Business Bakery became a full service SEO firm is I taught my clients too well!  When they began to flourish they no longer had the time or bandwidth to continue to implement these lessons and turned to me for help. There was no one who I trusted to refer them too so I got busy and built up a team of talented women and trained them to get results then to create my USP I wrote down everything I hated about marketers and flipped the script. 


Listen I get it I am as sick and tired of seeing marketers get away with using deceitful and manipulative trickery as you are. I have pushed for this industry to become regulated because most of these outfitters. do not help anyone, they murder your money! This is why I guarantee results. If you take my formula, implement it exactly as I explain too and you don't boost your revenue by at least 30% within 12 months or less I refund every dime. 


Let me ask if any of this sounds vaguely familiar…


  • I don’t know how to attract more customers except to do what my competitors are, but I can never get ahead.

  • I have hired SEO firms or digital marketing agencies, but I struggle to get leads consistently. They keep telling me to “wait” on results, but my budget is dwindling down.

  • I can’t seem to find clients, so I am thinking about going to look for a job, I can’t afford to keep my doors open.

  • My digital marketing was doing great then something shifted, and my phone has gone silent.

  • I only seem to acquire leads from barging shoppers or tire kickers, and I want a clear plan to achieve sustainable growth.

What My Clients Say About Me As Their Digital Marketing Consultant In Sugar Land

We grew by 30% within 12 months thanks to Melissa, she has taught me how to create a business not a job

Duke White


Melissa is an incredible marketer and coach; she has taught me things that I couldn’t have learned without her, and our business is booming!


Tracey O.


My annual income is 45% more and I have so much more freedom. I highly recommend Melissa and her team.

Machelle L.

Rather you are looking to grow your business to six figures or scale your business to 7 figures our  program is designed to take you from where where you are now to where you want to be. Here are some of the things our program entails:

At the six-figure stage there is a lot of hustle and grinding but half of this is because of guess work. In the beginning of a business, you wear many hats, and this can be draining on your health, time, and family. I’d rather rub chili peppers in my eyes then to ever have to go back to these days. However there is a softer, easier way to earn the income you want to live the lifestyle you desire. The solution is to work harder not smarter on the things that will move the needle in your favor. Consequently, this will also save you from sending money on marketing that doesn’t work. What this program is truly designed to do is spare you the hours I have invested in self-studies, experimenting, trials and errors. Everything I teach you can be learned without my assistance, but it will take you the next decade of your life and what gets you to six figures won’t take you to seven.

 Here are some of the lessons we will cover if you choose me as your marketing consultant. 

SEO: I teach you all the kick butt strategies' that will turn your website into a 24 hour lead generating machine. I will teach you on page SEO, off page SEO, and technical SEO and will break it down into jargon that is digestible instead of high level nerd talk that leaves your brain spinning around in circles. 

Inbound Link Building: I will teach you how we earn high quality backlinks that pushes our website to the top of Google search page for the main keywords that we use.

SEO Copy writing services: Most people love the power and savings that come with getting organic leads, but they hate playing the waiting game, so we have created a system that over 80% of marketers don’t subscribe too and instead of waiting for months to garner leads through search engine optimization are letter lead system delivers leads instantly.

Pay Per Click: How to build ads that don't just clicked but responded to 

Social media marketing: Why what your doing isn't working and how to turn it around so that you get a torrential downpour of leads. 

Once you know all the tools now I will show you how to grow your business and why you should. We will discuss how to stay ahead of customer turnover and become the go-to business in your area. We will  look at your return on investment (ROI) and track results. I am willing to wager that you do not know how much it cost you to acquire a lead, how many leads it takes to convert to a sale, and what your ROI is? This ought to scare the dickens out of you because if you don’t then who does? How do you know if your business is producing profits or dumping money into bad marketing tools?

Marketing Fads: Most business owners have what I refer to as shiny object syndrome, this is where you’re doing a little of this and a little of that or as one man said “I know half of my marketing doesn’t work, the only problem is I don’t know which half” I will show you how to avoid marketing fads that sound good but have no proof behind it. These type of distractions cost business owners thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue, the only person they benefit is the fad-maker.

Goal Setting: Business plans are great except that most of them do not have concrete steps, so they are shoved into a file cabinet where they don’t see the light of day. As a marketing coach I work with you on goal setting and the how to hit those objectives.

Grow A Business You Love That Makes You & Your Family Plenty Of Money

If I were to have a magic wand (which I don’t) that could provide you the business of your dreams, what would that look like? How much money would you be making? What size would your team be?

How far away from that dream are you?

No matter what your dream business looks there are two ways to achieve it.

  1. Hire a marketing agency to increase your leads and cross your fingers you picked the right one or...

  2. Hire a digital marketing consultant in Sugar Land that will train you or your team to improve your net profits.


Fortunately, we have the ability to offer you both. If you’re a one man show, then I don’t recommend hiring a marketing consultant. However, if you are running a family business or want to build a team who is savvy with computers, enjoys writing and research and can make digital marketing this their sole focus then I highly recommend our one on one program. Our program is simple, we meet once a week for a total of 12 weeks. Now here are the two biggest benefits you receive: 

#1 There is no one that knows your business as well as you or is as invested in your success. I am not going to blow smoke up your rear and tell you any differently and anyone that does is a freaking liar. Yes I want you to succeed, I am your ally and #1 fan but this is your business. Think of it this way, a teacher wants their children to succeed, they devote and often spend more time with your child then you do but you are their parent. A digital marketing consultant in Sugar Land is not any different. Long after you graduate my program and move on, you will be solely responsible for your business. 

My goal in 12 weeks is to make sure you have the right systems and formulas, the right team on board pulling in the right direction, and the clarity and focus to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. I call this our rapid acceleration program.

#2: A talented, skilled marketer will cost you between $1500 to $5000 a month and once you get started you can’t turn off the machine. Marketing is going to be something you will always invest in so either you hire a team or a consultant. Either way both should more then double your ROI or you are using the wrong formula or have the wrong team.  


When You Master Your Marketing You Double Your

Return on Investment


 If I told you to sit down at this slot machine and for every dollar you insert once you hit the button your guaranteed to get $2.00 or even $3.00 back, how long would you sit there? I am willing to bet you wouldn’t get up and this is the power of marketing. Marketing done right is the difference between businesses that struggle and those that soar. If you are still reading, then its apparent you want to stop struggling to get the most from your marketing investment and get down to taking the necessary steps to double, triple or even 10 X your profits!

Or maybe you are afraid to hire another agency because you have been burned one to many times and your afraid it will happen again, so you want to be in control if your own destiny. I can hardly blame you!

So here is the opportunity you have been waiting for…


The Only Digital Marketing Consultant In Sugar Land
With  A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If after 4 weeks of our 12 week program you are unhappy

I will refund every penny!



How can I offer what no sane business owner can refuse…because this isn’t a guessing game and were not playing with monopoly money, this is your family future. I realize for most of my clients they have been cheated, burned, and lied to so many times they are afraid to take any action. However inaction is just as bad for your business so this is why I offer an ironclad money back guarantee. Most digital marketing consultant in Sugar Land can’t offer such a deal but for me this is a for sure bet! However this program is not for everyone!

Who This Program is For? 



  • If you’re a small business owner who is tired of spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated and depressed by the constant grind to attract new customers or clients, I can help. 

  • If you are sick to your stomach about not having leads and not understanding why, you have come to the right place!

  • If you are pissed off by other agencies who lie and mislead you and want control of your marketing, lets get started. 

  • If you’re willing to invest the time and energy to learn and more importantly, implement the strategies and tactics I will teach you

Interview Process

I only work with an elite few businesses over this 12 weeks frame so that they receive my time and attention. I also am intentional about the type of clients I take on so I have a 30 minute interview process to learn about you, your business, and goals. Click on the link below to take the first step. This is free but don't delay, space fills up fast. 

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