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Dear Houston Business Builder,


If you are looking for an affordable SEO solution in Houston to end your marketing nightmares and deliver you as many high-quality leads and sales as you can handle, backed up with a 100% ROI guarantee then this will be the most excited letter you have read in 2022!

Let’s face it…you would have to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal if this offer didn’t sound fantastic, ten seconds before your inner skeptic screams “If it sounds too good to be true then….”

We get it! What business owner wouldn’t question a SEO firm who makes such a bold claim?

No worries, we put it all in writing and have the credibility to back it up. We have been awarded “Best in Search” and “Top Local SEO Company” in 2021 for the entire state of Texas.

Still, why do we offer what no other affordable SEO company in Houston will? Its simple!

Chances are if you are reading this message, you’ve probably hired and fired half a dozen affordable SEO agencies across Houston over the years. Despite all the fancy charts they presented, their efforts may never have translated into a meaningful increase in clients. In short, they may have promised the worlds, only to fail to deliver tangible results that you can take to the bank.

With so many self-proclaimed “experts” out there, it’s easy to get burned so we simply remove the risk and allow you to reap the rewards.

The second reason is this, our team is ROI obsessed. When we say we offer affordable SEO in Houston, we are not talking cheap. Here is the difference. For every dollar you invest into search engine optimization or any other marketing tool that we offer we believe you should receive $2.00, $3.00, or even $10.00 back.  

Marketing should never be an expense but an investment, sounds pretty mind boggling I know. This not only makes us an affordable SEO firm but virtually FREE!

Revealing The 3 Little Secrets ( SHHHHH!) Affordable SEO Firms In Houston Don’t Want You To Know

Okay before we go any further let me not waste your time, if you are looking for one of those SEO agencies who try to persuade you to sign up for SEO services at rock bottom price then you have come to the wrong place. There is a huge difference between cheap and affordable SEO companies in Houston. Let me pull back the curtain to reveal the truth behind all these search engine optimization scams that sound so appealing. 

# 1. Your website will get onto the front page of Google BUT it will not be for keywords that drive traffic to your website. We believe that half truth are just lies in disguise. Anyone can get you onto front page including my four-year-old grandson who doesn’t read or write. What you are working with is what we refer to as assassins because they murder your marketing budget and with no rules or regulations there is nothing you can do!

Think I am joking…hardly!

Let me ask you this, what’s the number one reason businesses fail or die? Lack of capital. Where does capital originate from? Sales. What does it take to get a sale? Leads. Now who do you think is responsible for sending you leads? Did the light bulb go off!

 Now that I have your wheels turning, let me really blow your mind!

# 2. Getting traffic to your website is pointless unless you can convert those visitors into leads. Let me ask you a simple question, would you rather have 500 people to your website who never contacted you or dozens of visitors each day who called, emailed, or filled out a form? I assume the latter! Traffic only converts once your website is optimized properly with quality content that is written in such a way that it invokes a response. However, if you look at your competitors websites there is a high probability that outside of the aesthetics look of your site there really is not that much difference. Why does this matter? Because when the same verbiage is written over and over it sounds like a broken record, that visitors have become experts at tuning out.

# 3: SEO requires backlinks, and building backlinks that add value requires time. Unfortunately cheap SEO firms in Houston rely on quantity instead of quality to get traffic to your website. Now you may think this isn't important as long as you reach the top but it'll be a short term victory because the moment Google releases an update your website status will drastically change. They will penalize your site and the chance of getting back onto first page is slim to none. Ask anyone who dealt with Penguin or Panda. 

You can not cheat your way to the top. 

The bottom line is affordable SEO on Houston does exist but so do thousand of con artist, who may offer rock bottom prices, but they will fail to deliver substantial or sustainable results. Choose wisely who you trust to be in your corner. Here is why we think we are the most reliable solution.

Affordable SEO Packages Exclusively For Houston Business Owners Starts At $1000.00 a month

At Your Business Bakery we offer basic, premium, and elite packages starting as low as $1000.00 per month. Each package comes with our 100% guarantee as well as a free customized website with a minimum of 15 pages. Here is what each package included.


Beginners SEO Package: Starts at $1000.00


  • Optimized website with service pages and city pages

  • Web hosting

  • Monthly blog

  • Citation Development

  • Optimize Google My Business Profile 


SEO Growth Package: Starts at $1500.00


  • Includes 25 pages

  • SEO Copywriting Services

  • Website hosting

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Bi-monthly blog

  • Citations & High Value Backlinks

  • Weekly GMB Postings

  • Call tracking and recording

  • Review & Reputation Management

  • Email marketing


SEO Scale Package: Starts at $1797.00 per month


  • A 25-page optimized website with service and city pages

  • SEO Copywriting Services

  • Website hosting

  • Extensive Keyword Research

  • Weekly blog

  • Citations & High Value Backlinks

  • Weekly GMB Postings

  • Call tracking and recording

  • Review Automation

  • Google Guarantee Services

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Lead Capturing Magnet

  • social media posting

  • email marketing

  • lead letter campaign 

Houston: Get Our Free SEO Report For Your Website 

Other agencies charge $487.00

Receive a free SEO website report that is 100% customized to your business. Our SEO report contains:


  •  A keyword ranking report to show you where you’re ranking and how to get onto front page.

  • A list of the key players website who are in your local area and how your website compares in terms on content and backlinks.

  • Health score: A list of errors that needs to be corrected on your website in order to get your website on the map


Fill out this form and we will get started right away running you a report, generally this takes 24 to 48 hours to prepare because it is 100% customized to your business. Once we have completed your report we will contact you at the number you provided to walk you through this extensive 6 page report before emailing you a copy. This offer is for a limited time basis so don't delay, click the button below to schedule your free lead flow acceleration call.

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Houston TX nicknamed the “Bayou City” is located in the southeast region of Texas in Harris County. There are over 2 million people who call Houston there home and with a diverse population, thriving economy, and labor force Houston also ranked #6 among the best places to start a business according to CNBC. Here is some of the zip codes our affordable SEO firm in Houston serves: 770157-70587-74597-7546-77587 -77017-77059-77502-77573-77588-77033-770617-75037-77574-77598-770347-70627-75047-7578-77532-77047-77075-77505-77581-77048-77087-77506-77584-77051-77089-77507-77586