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Fresh From the Oven to Scaling Seven Layers

Creating a successful business is a lot like baking a great dessert. It requires a recipe. Even if you know the ingredients and can visualize the results you wish to achieve you may not know where to start or how to put it all together. This is where a business coach can help. Often when an entrepreneur first opens a business  they have learned only the tools of a trade. These aspiring business owners are unsure how to use the key ingredients (marketing and sales) to achieve success and exponential growth. Without giving much thought into how to attract customers or nurture the customers they have, 80% of businesses burn within 18 months of opening.

Hiring Your Business Bakery is like having a great recipe. Having a coach will tell you the exact ingredients and step by step process to achieve success. While it's not overnight success, it saves you valuable time. What makes our approach unique is we do not hand you a cookie cutter recipe, but an original recipe designed for your business to achieve your specific goals. When we work with you we create a cookbook (business plan) that contains specific ingredients (marketing and sales) and instructional steps to put all the ingredients together to reach seven layers of success. 

Are You A New Entrepreneur Struggling To Find Clients and Replace Your Income? 

Terrified of giving up your paycheck?

Attracting less-than-ideal clients?

Losing sleep wondering if you'll ever feel successful ?

Hearing prospects tell you “I’d like to think it over and get back to you” but they never did

Overwhelmed & unsure what to do?

Sick & tired of missing your goals?

Over-analyzing everything to death and driving yourself nuts?

Losing sales to a competitor knowing you had the better product?

I want to help you bake a business you will love more than a fat kid loves cake

Founder & Business Baker

Melissa is an avid learner, entrepreneur, and business coach. She’s an affiliate member, IOC, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Melissa has earned her marketing degree and in 2020 will complete her MBA in Marketing. Over the last fifteen years as an entrepreneur she has received numerous awards.

As a business coach Melissa's focus is helping service-based businesses fresh from the oven bake seven-layer businesses. She works with entrepreneurs to create their own cookbook (business plan) to quickly generate $10K or more to replace their current salary. Once a business consistently reaches a healthy six-layer profit Your Business Bakery will help you scale. 


Scaling a business requires using the ingredients of branding, scaleable offerings, team building and automation. When you have smart systems and people in place, you work less and make more dough.

Melissa is No Rachael Ray but She is a...


  • Business Coach

  • Digital Marketer

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Webinar Host

  • Team Builder 



Free Business Baking Recipes

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How to Write Your Cookbook

Whether you're starting a small business or expanding an existing one, a cookbook (business plan) is essential. Follow our three day mini PDF course to write an original recipe.  

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"Hello, after retiring I created a job cleaning houses but was doing it alone. I had the same customers after two years and a few referrals. Melissa has taken over my marketing and today my business has doubled. I have taken on three employees just to keep up.  However, instead of working I am relaxing. Every weekend you can find me in Galveston walking on the beach with my fur babies and grand kids, while making money..."

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